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Rail and Houston: An Urban Perspective on Real Estate

  • "The ultimate question thus remains: what was so compelling about rail that placed the Metro Plan on the Ballot before the completion of the Main Street test line?" Read More...
  • Published in the RED News, 11/12/03

Houston Business Journal
Rail Could Counter Negatives of Increasing Taxes in CBD

  • "Probably the most important challenge for Houston's mayor and city council today is the protection of the city's tax base and doing whatever it takes to maintain a healthy and prosperous environment." Read More...
  • Published in the Houston Business Journal, 9/27/99

Houston Ready for High-Speed Transit System
  • Imad Abdullah was one of the first proponents of the high-speed rail system now in place in Houston, and clearly envisions how and why it should be implemented. Read More...
  • Published in the Houston Business Journal, 12/8/97

Kingwood Annexation Fight Hurts Entire Houston Area
  • "The larger Houston grows, the more "economy of scale" is achieved. To put size in perspective, the Houston metropolitan area is larger than at least 15 whole states, reflecting the importance and dominance it commands on the national and international levels." Read More...
  • Published in the Houston Business Journal, 11/25/96

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